Author Interview with Dani Pettrey

Dani Pettrey


So excited to have Author Dani Pettrey here today sharing a bit about herself and her debut SUBMERGED.





Tell the readers a little about yourself?

I am a wife, a Christian, a mother and I home school my daughter who is in high school. My oldest just finished up her freshman year of college. My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this fall. We live on the East Coast and really enjoy being so near the ocean and the mountains.

What events led to you becoming a writer?

I have always loved daydreaming and making up stories. I dabbled with creative writing growing up, but set it aside. It wasn’t until after the birth of my youngest daughter and a bout with a serious illness, that I really felt God stirring me to start writing again.

You write what is considered Christian Fiction; Who is Christ to you and why do you find it important to relay His message in your work?

Christ is my Savior, my Redeemer, and my Lord. My faith is such an integral part of my life, of every aspect of my life that it only feels natural for my faith to be part of the stories I tell.

 Tell us a little about SUBMERGED?

            Submerged is the first book in my Alaskan Courage series. It’s the story of Cole McKenna and Bailey Craig.

A sabotaged plane. Two dead deep-water divers. One single clue.

Bailey Craig vowed never to set foot in Yancey, Alaska, again. She has a past, and a reputation–and Yancey’s a town that doesn’t forget. She’s returned only to bury a loved one killed in the plane crash, but then dark evidence emerges and Bailey’s own expertise becomes invaluable for the case.

Cole McKenna can face dangerous rescue dives. He can face the fear a murderer may be threatening his town. But facing the reality of Bailey’s reappearance is a tougher challenge. She broke his heart… but doesn’t seem to be the same girl who left Yancey ten years ago. And he’s not the same guy she left behind.

Racing against the clock and a rising body count, Bailey and Cole must move beyond the hurts of their pasts to work together until the truth of what is hidden in the depths finally surfaces.

What inspired you to write this book?

Actually, it was a movie I watched called The Cave. It got me thinking about cave divers and what type of person would pursue that as a career. I found the research and the men and women who cave dive to be fascinating, and Cole McKenna was born.

What do you want your readers to take away from this book?

That we find wholeness and fulfillment in Christ alone.

Will you dabble in other writing styles?

I love writing inspirational romantic suspense because it incorporates so many things I love–the thrill of adventure, nail-biting suspense, the deepening of one’s faith and plenty of romance so I don’t see myself changing styles anytime soon, but only God knows what He has in store for me 🙂

What can you tell other writers to encourage them in pursing their writing goals?

Keep writing. It sounds trite, but it’s very easy to become discouraged. Writing can be a solitary endeavor and there are many obstacles along the path to publication, but if God has placed the love of story on your heart then write for Him. You just may be amazed what He does with it J

Though you are a known published writer do you still partake in writing contests? If so why?

I haven’t yet since Submerged just released, but I imagine I will. It’s simply another way to reach new readers.

Where can readers find your books?

Submerged is available at your local bookstores and from online retailers (CBD, LifeWay, Amazon, etc.)

Where can readers find out more about what you’re working on?

Sign up for my newsletter:

It’s where I share news about upcoming projects and sneak peeks first.

If you could use one word to describe yourself what would it be?

I cheated a little and asked my family. They came up with bubbly and I think it works 🙂

LOL well bubbly is a great way to be described. Out of all the places in the world to relax and pick up your pen and write where would you want to be?

Definitely a warm, sunny beach. I adore the beach and would really love to live there someday. It’s so peaceful and calming and I always feel so close to God’s magnificent creation there.

Nice who doesn’t love the beach. Would you give us a teaser excerpt from SUBMERGED?

Bailey kept her gaze downcast as people shuffled past. So many pairs of shoes moving by. So many who loved Agnes.

In a few minutes they’d all be gone and she could say a proper goodbye, without anyone peering on. She’d tell her aunt how much she loved her and how desperately she’d miss hearing that gravely voice encouraging her, prodding her on…even chastising her when she needed a good kick in the pants.

“Bailey.” A hand rested on her shoulder.

She flinched, her heart nearly stopping.

It wasn’t Pastor John, but she knew the voice. It haunted her often in her dreams.

Her heart sank as she gazed up into those eyes—the same seafoam green ones that first filled her with joy and then with shame.

It’d been futile thinking she could avoid him in a town Yancey’s size. He was as much a part of the place as tides were the ocean. Every memory of Yancey was wrapped up in him. Her best and worst.

“Sorry.” Cole offered a weak smile. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

She blinked. It was all she was capable of.

He extended a hand. “Cole McKenna. Don’t know if you remember me.”

How could she forget?

Thanks so much Dani for being here and sharing!!!


Author Interview with Tori Chase

Author Tori Chase


Very excited to introduce you all to author Tori Chase and her debut novel SERIAL GAMES. Tori specializes in writing interracial romance. So sit back relax and get to know a little more about Tori and SERIAL GAMES.

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Tori So excited to feature you and your book SERIAL GAMES today!!!

I’m psyched too! Thank you so much for inviting me; I’m happy to be here.

Tori tell us a little about what inspired your writing career?

When I was younger, I saw a prophetic movie: Romancing the Stone. I thought, Joan Wilder had the best life; romance writer, working at home, romantic-looking apartment. I wanted her life. I’d always written short stories and produced plays for my parents (complete with a soundtrack on my Dad’s reel-to-reel tape player) but I never could finish a full-length novel–the writing process just didn’t hold my interest. Then a few years ago, I was new to Colorado Springs with no family and friends and I began to dream whole scenes of a story. I knew then I had to write–and finish the novel.

Can you share with us a little about your writing process?

I typically have a kissing scene in mind (romance writer, you know) then I create a story around it. I write by the seat of my pants (pantser) but lately I’ve been writing a brief paragraph outline (one paragraph per chapter) so I know where I’m going without having a strict, very detailed outline (can’t write by the seat of my pants with it) and my creative juices still flow–leaving little room for writer’s block.

You write what is considered clean romance; what does that mean to you and why have you chosen to do so?

Clean to me means no open-door sex and no profanity. As a Christian woman, part of my witness will be my novels and I want to represent Christ by adhering to morals I believe in.

So your first book SERIAL GAMES is an interracial romance; what is your inspiration behind writing interracial romance?

Well, seeing different races on the cover of romance is still a bit–not sure if this is the right word–but taboo. It creates instant spark, as if it’s forbidden fruit. Plus, you rarely–and I mean rarely–see interracial romance in Christian fiction, which is another genre I write.

So tell us a little about the main characters in SERIAL GAMES?

FBI Agent Maggie Weston is the first African American female profiler to receive honors for her work in identifying John Michael Burrows, a serial killer whom she helped arrest a few years ago. He’s since escaped custody and US Marshal Brandon Worth is on his trail, yet he needs Maggie’s help to find Burrows. Maggie’s self-worth will be tested in this challenge and Brandon will have to face his past bitterness in his struggle to keep Maggie at arm’s length.

What kind of research did you have to do in order to write SERIAL GAMES?

I conducted a few searches on serial killers to familiarize myself with a few of their characteristics and I spent some time in Culpeper, VA to capture the setting of the story. I also researched profiling and I’m a former federal law enforcement officer so I was already familiar with the nuances of investigations.

Can you give us a little teaser excerpt from SERIAL GAMES?










Maggie’s eyes slowly traveled the width of the elevator door until they found Brandon’s reflection in the mirrored panels lining the inside of the car. Broad shoulders rippled down to muscular biceps that contracted with the force he used to grip the rail behind him.

She needed to assert herself now.

“I’m going to go over some of the documentation the district attorney’s office faxed us to see if I might be able to find the missing link enabling Burrows to escape custody.”

Brandon’s eyes narrowed. Obviously business wasn’t what he wanted to hear, and how easily he could read her discomfort troubled her. He had an uncanny knack for interpreting her body language. What did that mean? Whatever it meant, she didn’t have the time to analyze it now. She straightened her shoulders. “Knowing who helped him escape can perhaps shed some light on his next move.”

Brandon’s level stare remained.

Ok, he’s not buying it. Regardless, I refuse to fall…

“Do you forgive me?”

“What?” The question about forgiveness startled her. He had apologized but she wasn’t interested in discussing it. All she wanted to do was wash the smoke out of her hair and crash. It was going on midnight… or past it; she had lost track of time.

In one stride he was in front of her, one arm around her waist, the other guiding her chin up. His lips were warm and smooth as they glided over hers. He pulled back and disappointment filled Maggie at the loss of his heat. She stared into the dark thunderstorm whirling in his eyes.

“Do you forgive me?” His hoarse voice rumbled through to her inner core.

The elevator bell chimed. Startled, Maggie nearly jumped at the ring. She turned to the console. Her numbered floor illuminated.

“Saved by the bell.” He released her.

Maggie couldn’t resist looking at him. His eyes were veiled but the confident smirk returned. As the elevator doors opened, Maggie wondered who would be the more difficult challenge to overcome: Burrows or Brandon?

Will you be working on any romantic series in the future?

I am currently submitting for publication book one of The Santiago Brothers series, The Snake Murders. The Santiago Brothers is an interracial Christian romantic suspense series about three brothers who find there way home after ten years, each coming to terms with their delinquent pasts and their present issues.

What do you think makes a good story?

Conflict, conflict, conflict! I love making the heads of my hero and heroine butt and wrenching their heart’s out of their chest before bringing them to the place where they always should have been–which each other.

Where can readers find your books?

You can find Serial Games where most ebooks are sold: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance Ebooks, Sony, Google Ebooks, and on my publisher’s website: Desert Breeze Publishing.

Where can readers find out more about what you are working on?

Readers are welcome to visit my blog! I regularly talk about writing and publishing.

If you could use one word to describe yourself what would it be?

Impatient! It really is a struggle to slow down and relax.

Out of all the places in the world to relax and pick up your pen and write where would you want to be?

Probably in a bed and breakfast in a quaint town. Culpeper, VA, the setting of Serial Games, has just the bed and breakfast.

I love connecting with people on a more personal level, so tell me what you really enjoy doing in your spare time and why you enjoy it so much?

I enjoy writing! I like to live vicariously through my characters. I also watch way too much tv and too many movies but those stories provide so many ideas.

Thanks for being here Tori!!! This was so much fun!!!

Author Interview with Jerry White

I enjoy poetry but not the complexities of it. I enjoy a beautiful piece without trying to figure out what is being said. The collections of poems and stories presented in UNTIL TODAY were well written in a tone without complexity. This made for an easy, intrigued and interesting read. There are times when I enjoy a great story so much so that I wish it would never end. This was the treat I received when reading Jerry White’s UNTIL TODAY.

The poems and collections of short stories were faith building blocks that flowed into a continuation of inspiration, motivation and self-realization. The profound messages in this book speak to the depths of one’s inner being. Jerry White exposes his heart and mind allowing the reader to journey with him in his exploration of ‘life as he knows it’. UNTIL TODAY is a must add to any poetry collection. Jerry White has introduced to me a style of originality in the area of faith building Poetry. His work is phenomenal and will leave you in wait for another book in his collection.

So please join me in welcoming Jerry White today!!!

Jerry White


Tell us a little about yourself? 

I am married to someone I met in the second grade. We have known each other, now, longer than anyone else has known either of us our entire lives. We have a family of five children and 10 grandchildren. We have worked hard at being together and having a spiritually based family with deep relationships with each other as adults. That is great to see now from the north side of 60.

What events led to you becoming a writer? 

My writing began in high school. I wanted to be the shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles or the person who wrote about the shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles. I never played for the Orioles, or any other professional team, but I did become a lover of the written word. I kept a journal in high school of everyone’s weekend, or any other time’s, exploits in life. It was the original manuscript to American Graffiti, or whatever I would have named it. However, while away serving our country in the military my mom, bless her soul, threw it away with all my baseball cards and, for some reason still unknown, my high school annuals. I have been writing ever since. My youngest son is a musician of high caliber and I used to drill into him that if he wanted to play he had to play because players play and writers write. I still believe that and would give that advice to any and all aspiring writers…or players.

You write using short stories and poetry with Christian foundations; Who is Christ to you and why do you find it important to relay His message in your work?  

The use of my short stories in conjunction to my poetry is simply to give the background to a particular thought which brought the actual poem to life in me. Inspiration is the ugly sister to frustration as any writer will tell you but it is, to me, important to give the inspiration as well as the work completed. To the second part of you question Christ to me is my closest friend, my savior, my inspiration to all I do. That is why I feel compelled to share his words to me with others, his thoughts given me with others, his life saving sacrifice to others. He guides me along the path of righteousness and away from the tempter, with his spirit, he guards me against apostasy and falling away with his spirit, and he directs my actions to be those most beneficial to building His kingdom with his spirit. What is there not to share with others?

What inspired you to write this book?  

Until Today: Stories and Poems on Life as I Know It is a continuation of what has been 30 plus years of writing. I now have two collections of this work out in the world through Until Today and my first book Moments of Mine: A Collection of Thoughts in Poem. God has blessed me with words and I have, in the last 3 to five years, tried to share them with others. It has been my therapy and now I am sharing my thoughts with others.

What do you want your readers to take away from this book? 

My hope is that readers will find some solace in my words. My hope is that they will know that their experience is not unique to them, that they are not alone in their efforts, their joy, their humiliation, their frustration. We are all connected by what God has blessed us to take part in and experience.

Will you dabble in other writing styles? 

Most of my poetry rhymes and is, consequently, not taken in this time as serious poetry. I, of course, disagree. I think most people who enjoy the lyrics to a song enjoy the rhythmic nature of the words and would be disturbed if they had to interpret the meaning of each line of thought the writer had. However, I have, over the past couple of years, used other forms, like blank verse for example, which uses many poetic techniques to express the nature of the thought. I am finding it very flexible and I am getting used to it. I am finding my way along new roads now. I also, as you can tell in my books, like to tell short stories of events that express the same thoughts as my poems. After all, that is where they started.

What can you tell other writers to encourage them in pursuing their writing goals?

If you want your words to be read by others…you have to write them down.

Though you are a known published writer do you still partake in writing contests? If so why?

I don’t pursue contests as I used to do. I have found them frustrating that people who do not write are the ones who determine which piece wins the contest. I have chosen to no longer pursue contests.

Where can readers find your books?

My website at lists where you can purchase each of my books. Since only around 30% of all books published can find their way to the book shelves of book stores, it is easier to find them at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or my publisher’s website.

Where can readers find out more about what you are working on?

I do list projects that I am involved with on my website under, you guessed it, projects. I am a regular contributor to a couple of monthly publications and anything else I can busy myself with.

If you could use one word to describe yourself what would it be?


Out of all the places in the world to relax and pick up your pen and write where would you want to be?

My favorite place is near the ocean. The sound of the breeze blowing and the waves crashing to the beach are just God’s best ambient sounds to me. I, as does my wife, like the ocean.




Author Interview with Dana Pratola

I love romance. I love reading Christian romance because the message of Christ is just as prevalent as the tension that the romance brings. I love this type of romance because it keeps you glued to the very pages, knowing in the end because Christ is in the mix something great will happen. Romance is amazing but even more so when there is a twist to the story that keeps you turning the page. Finding books such as these are shelf keepers you go back and read over and over again instead of popping in that romantic movie.

I am so honored today to have author Dana Pratola here giving us a little insight into the inspiration behind her inspirational romance “The Covering”

Dana Pratola

Welcome Dana Pratola I am so thrilled to host you today.

What made you want to become a writer?

It’s been there as long as I can remember. My dad used to read to me every night and once I learned to read I hit the ground running, as it were. I read everything. Writing was just a natural progression.

What is your writing process (do you build a synopsis first or do you just begin writing for example)?

I usually have a scene or a few scenes in mind and I build around those. I write an overview, basically writing the story in a few pages, then break the scenes into chunks and fill in all the blanks between.

You write what is considered Christian Fiction; who is Christ to you and why do you find it important to relay His message in your work?

I love this question. I could go on for hours about this one topic, but space won’t permit so let me just say Christ is EVERYTHING to me. He’s my Lord, Savior, Friend, Comforter, etc. Whatever I need, whenever, He’s it. But I think the world is used to being told that God is wrathful, angry and just looking to punish. While it’s important to respect God’s awesome power and judgment, He’s a God of love! The whole point of Jesus is love. We can’t adhere to God’s standard – ever – so God said, “you know what? I require absolute holiness and I know you can’t pull it off, but Jesus will sacrifice Himself in your place so that when you sin it won’t be charged to you because He already paid for it. Clean slate.” I think everyone should know that God, and that it’s never too late to come to Him no matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been.

See? I’m babbling, lol.

You have written an inspirational romance novel “The Covering” what is your inspiration behind writing romance?

For me romance is the main focus. A book or movie might be great, but charge it with a romantic edge and I’m hooked. The dynamic between men and women is really the foundation of our society – be fruitful and multiply. I guess it goes back to sacrifice. I love to write about characters who are so invested in one another that the rest of the world is secondary 😉

Can you give us a little insight about the main characters of “The Covering”?

Tessa is a Christian. She’s all about doing the right thing and doesn’t believe anyone is hopeless. She’s not happy with her life and is in the process of getting it in order when Gunnar topples her apple cart (figuratively speaking).

Gunnar is…intense. He wants nothing to do with God. He’s been abused, abandoned, and has made some really bad choices with his life. He’s not sure there is such a thing as salvation and doesn’t know if he’d want it if there were. But he wants Tessa.

Will we see any romantic ‘series’ coming from you?

As a matter of fact, I’m just completing the first book of a series. It’s romantic/paranormal/suspense I guess you’d say. I hope to have it out in the next few months but we’ll see how the Lord moves.

What are you working on now?

Apart from the series, I’m working on several other projects. I’m trying not to skip around too much from one to the other because then nothing gets done.

What can you tell other writers to encourage them in pursuing their writing goals?

Don’t waste time, and Don’t waste time. I know there are writers who won’t like to hear this, but pray first that it’s what God wants for you.  Your desire to write a book doesn’t always mean it’s God’s will, and people waste time they could have been using on what is really meant for them. Once you figure out you’re meant to write, Don’t Waste Time. Pray. Work. Read. Repeat. I need to take my own advice here because I’m a habitual procrastinator.

Where can readers find your books?

Barnes and

Pelican Book Group: 

Where can readers find out more about what you are working on?

There are reviews and excerpts on my website:

Do you have a favorite quote? If so what is it?

My favorite quote changes from day to day. Today it’s probably,  “Live long and prosper.”

Would you give us a little teaser excerpt from “The Covering”?

BLURB: What do a Christian woman and a faithless biker have in common? The devil of course.


“Your pastor says I’m marked for death.”

The abruptness of the announcement left her momentarily speechless and quite unsure she’d heard correctly. “What?”

“He thinks the devil’s trying to kill me.”

She looked closely for any sign of humor, but Gunnar didn’t have a sense of humor she was aware of.

“Why does he think that?” she asked.

“I told you I have nightmares, right?” Tessa nodded. Gunnar ran his finger along the edge of his napkin. “Well it goes a little beyond that.”

Tessa listened, enthralled, as Gunnar described in terrifying detail what he suffered in the night. A few things made more sense – his hostility for one – and she now had a better grasp of what pushed him toward suicide. God, how had he coped so long with the torment?

“I’d say Pastor’s right,” Tessa said when he finished.


The waiter arrived with their plates then disappeared. “You said when you had the gun to your head,” she shivered inwardly, “it didn’t feel like you. It felt like you were being driven.” Gunnar met her eyes across the table. “I believe you were.”

“Demons, right?” he asked. Tessa inclined her head. “Can they do that?”

“They can’t pick up your gun and shoot you with it,” she said. “But they can be persuasive.”

“Yeah,” he grumbled.

Tessa glanced around the small room. To an eavesdropper the conversation would seem like mumbo jumbo and ordinarily she wouldn’t care if strangers thought her “out there” or weird, but she kept her voice low in consideration for Gunnar’s privacy.

“When was the last time you had one of those dreams?” she asked.

“It’s been a while. Thank God.” He made a sound exactly between a chuckle and a snicker. “I mean that.”

This time when Tessa reached for his hand he left it under hers, turning it upward to lightly grip her fingers. “But you don’t think it’s the end,” Tessa said.

He topped her thumb with his and rubbed gently. “It’s like they’re constantly hovering. Waiting for the right time.”

Tessa refused to acknowledge the chill that swept through her.

“I know when they come for me, I won’t be able to stop it,” Gunnar said. “And one of these times they’ll pull me back there and I won’t come out.”






Spotlight on Author Vanessa Sisson

I love christian authors. We all share the same 2 loves…writing and making the center of our work focused on Christ. As a debuting author myself getting ready to release my own novel I find it hard not to support and highlight others who have been where I am and who are where I plan to go. Today I will be introducing you to debuting author Vanessa Sisson. I came to know Vanessa through one of our social medias. She is so sweet and humble. The love of God flows through every word she sets forth. I am not only thrilled to highlight her today, I am honored.

Vanessa Sisson has just released her debut novella a contemporary romance entitled, “The Clash of the Bridesmaids”. So please join with me in welcoming debuting author Vanessa Sisson to our blog today.

Vanessa Sisson
connect with Vanessa via
twitter @fashpashFaith












Vanessa Sisson resides in Texas, with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. She writes for Fashion Passion Faith Books, her own publishing company. Vanessa also manages a weekly blog, in which she interviews and promotes Christian authors. She is also an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers.

She believes her novellas are much the same as listening in on the intimate conversations of modern Christian women. And has a heart for bringing relatable fiction to the table. While each novella is full of real life, the joys of finding love, and the heart ache it comes with at times; the underlying message is still the same. The need for Him and the sweet whispers of our Savior are sprinkled throughout the pages.

Most of her books are set in a fictitious town called Marvel, Texas. It’s actually inspired by her hometown Navasota, Texas.











This isn’t our first rodeo. Well, dress hunting session. We’d been to Stockton more than a few times, and searched high and low on the internet. No such luck.

“Oh, I hate this dress!” Amanda whines from inside the dressing room.

She tried on ten different dresses before this one, and they were all just as hideous, according to her. I thought she looked beautiful in every one of them, but my opinion doesn’t matter.  I return my attention back to the article in a women’s magazine, hoping the meltdown will be short lived. Not a chance.

Amanda Cates storms out with the gown sleeves falling off her shoulders. Her usually tanned face burns red, and her bottom lip quivers. I need to pull her together and fast, before she gets us thrown out. Becky had shown tons of patience with her, but I can tell it’s running out.

Becky sighs heavily, and smooths back her puffy, bleached hair. “Is there anything else you want me to get for you, sweetie?”

I glance over at Amanda, hopeful that she will say no and just call it a day.

“Hmmm…I know what I want.  Y’all don’t stock couture dresses?” She rolls her eyes at Becky. Poor lady.

“No, but maybe you could find a pattern or something and hire Gayle. I heard she makes nice dresses.” I’m not sure Miss Becky knows the meaning of couture.

“Find a pattern? Are you kidding?” Amanda marches off to the dressing room and mumbles every step of the way.

“I’m so sorry.” I grit my teeth. My cheeks feel flushed. If only there was a rock I could hide under. Oh, I don’t know for the rest of my life.

“Oh, don’t you worry little Natalie Griffin; you’re just as precious as you can be.” Her thin pink lips turn upward, and she pats me on the shoulder. It seems she sympathizes with me. It’s nice, but it won’t help. Unless she is willing to knock Amanda out, and toss her in my trunk, there is no help necessary. I chuckle, and quickly rebuke myself for such salty thoughts.

“Nat! I can’t unzip the dress. Hello, help!” She growls from somewhere in the back of the store.

“Excuse me, Becky.” I quickly head to the dressing room to see the crisis my best friend is in this time. Everything has always been a crisis for her.

Her hair is a mess, make-up dribbles down her forehead, since it’s warm in the store, and the dress is stuck under the chest area. It’s a sight! I muffle a giggle.

I don’t know why she doesn’t remember to unzip the dress before trying to take it off. Did the hustle and bustle of being a bride-to-be cause slight memory loss? Does the gal even use common sense lately?

“Hey, let me take you for lunch at Jane’s Burger House. We can split a burger and fries?” I lick my lips when I think about a juicy cheeseburger all the way with jalapenos, my stomach growls in protest. It’s just what I need after a day like this.

“Oh my goodness, Are you my best friend? Are you my maid of honor?” She is being over-the-top-dramatic.

“Um yes but––”

“Then why are you trying to make me fat?” She shrieks, and throws her arms up in the air. She laments loudly. “Ouiser, you are a pig from…” She starts.

I give her my look. And she stops mid-sentence.

She slips on a flowing, romantic blouse. Fat? I’m staring at her ribcage. She probably weighs one hundred and fifteen pounds, and that’s being generous. The girl is skinny. There are times when I want to shake her around and say “snap out of it.” But, as usual, I just take it. I never say a word. That’s what friends are for and all that.

That’s our relationship, and has been for as long as I can remember. Amanda says it and that settles it. I pretty much go along with whatever for the sake of avoiding confrontation. It’s not worth it. She would get all rowdy and I would remain calm. Then after a couple of minutes she would cool down and it was like nothing happened. Why go there?

Author Rachel Van Dyken Talking Character Development



Author Rachel Van Dyken
To follow Rachel and see what she is up to
connect with her via
Rachel Van Dyken Author (facebook)
@RachVD Twitter

I am so thrilled to have USA Today’s bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken as a guest today!!! Rachel has masterfully structured stories that peel at your very emotions you will cry, laugh and sometimes yell reading her titles such as Waltzing With the Wallflower, The Redemption of Lord Rawlings, The Seduction of Sebastian St. James, Every Girl Does It, An Unlikely Alliance, Compromising Kessen and The Parting Gift. Rachel’s characters are so well developed and touch the very heart. So I was more than happy when she decided to post on Character development.





I think every writer struggles with character development. Perhaps your hero is quite easy for you to develop but your heroine isn’t coming along as easily. I think there’s always going to be one character that makes you stop and want to pound your head against the keyboard.

I was told once that the easiest way to get inside your characters head without losing your mind is to imagine yourself as that character. Sounds easy enough when you’re writing from the woman’s point of view, but quite honestly that’s the point of view I struggle with. It’s hard for any writer not to project their own feelings or emotions into a character and as a woman I find that I struggle with that very issue.

Now writing a man….this is what I love, much to my husband’s dismay. I often write about the rake, the man who is dejected by society, or who doesn’t give a wit about what society thinks of him.

My male characters always start off with a conversation. Most of the time I’m driving or sometimes sleeping (UGH) and a conversation with my hero will pop into my head and usually that conversation is the basis for my development for that character.

When I wrote The Redemption of Lord Rawlings, I still wasn’t sure how I wanted the character to be flushed out. In all of the other books in that series he was a secondary character so you were never truly in his head. When I wrote his book I had to make him a likable hero even though he wasn’t necessarily the good guy to start off with. His book started with him stomping through the rain. I clearly remember thinking how dreary it would be in London. How awful it must be for a man after he’s lost everything. He literally thought nothing could make him feel better so he might as well stomp around and lament over how things had gone so horribly wrong.

Another one of my contemporary romances began when I was thinking about how much people in London loved tea. It progressed from there, an argument about tea and coffee and my character Kessen Newberry was born! I then imagined what it would be like to be from the UK but raised in America and forced to go back to your roots to appease your parents. Her development was fast because she had a loss in her family.

No matter how you start with your characters it’s always important to throw obstacles in their way. They have to grow and they have to overcome something otherwise they will fall flat. To be honest, sometimes I feel bad about what I put them through. I mean I’m poisoning them, taking the one person they love away from them, allowing them to get killed…:) BUT again it’s what makes a character relatable. People want to read something that is not only an escape but something that can help them understand the human condition better, why we do what we do and how we overcome obstacles is a HUGE part about living. I hope in my writing that comes across! 🙂

What about you guys? Do any of you have some memorable characters you’ve read about? What made them so memorable?

Author Interview with Felecia Killings

Injustice is a word no one wants to quote as part of their life story. Injustice is a stench that we fight to rid our society of. Injustice is an action that Christ has assured us as a body of believers He would avenge. We can therefore stand up under the pangs of injustice awaiting God’s movement on our behalf.

“Fear, Faith and Patience” is the first book in Felecia Killings fight for justice in a system that was designed to give her none. Felecia takes the reader on the journey of her walk with Christ from the innocence of childhood into the fields of spiritual warfare entering adulthood. The battles Felecia faced as a believer both exposed her weakness and frailties while at the same time deepened her relationship towards God her strength and victory.

The journey Felecia takes the reader on is one of compelling drama, fear, faith and patience. In reading “Fear, Faith and Patience” I found myself looking at the issues I currently faced. I was reminded our God is more than capable of handling everything that comes into our path. He is not slack in His promise to deliver nor is He unfaithful in His love.

“Fear, Faith and Patience” is a book that not only shares Felecia Killings true life story of injustice but it reminds the reader that God is and always will be for us even when the world stands against us. If God is for then in all actuality who can successfully stand against us?

I will be hosting a giveaway of “Fear, Faith and Patience” leave a comment below to be entered

Felecia so glad to have you hear talking about your book “Fear, Faith and Patience.”

Before we begin give us a little background on your upbringing and how it impacted/affected your life.

I grew up in a devout Christian home. Both my biological parents were pastors for the majority of my life—and still are now—and it was very important to them that their children grew up knowing the Lord. As a young child, I was fascinated with the various stories in the Bible. I had no doubt that God was real; and in a way, I feel that the innocent and pure relationship that I had with Him as a little girl is what kept me covered and protected even into my adult life. Although I am far from perfect, I strive for perfection because I know that the Christ in me can make all things possible. Even when hard times attack me, or I am being persecuted, abused, or mistreated, I know that God is there to provide exactly what I need. He is my Everything.

What is your story/inspiration behind the book “Fear, Faith and Patience”?

My inspiration behind this book comes from both my faith and my love for the scholars that I once worked with in the public school system. When I first began teaching, I never anticipated that what I would encounter would later be chronicled in a book. It wasn’t until a very hostile, racist incident occurred at our school in 2008 that stirred me to pen the events for future compilation. On one hand, I wanted to honor the students that helped bring dramatic social change to the school and the school district in this text; and on the other hand, I wanted to share with the public the need to allow their faith to become active as they engaged in earthly affairs. On a more personal level, I decided to publish this book, which had been “in the works” for 3-4 years, because I had endured a great deal of persecution, hostility, abuse, and animosity within the school system; yet I received little to no help during that time. I was a very popular teacher within the district and the community; and when I was confronted with a situation in 2010 that was so atrocious, I wanted to be able to give my side of the story on my terms. This book, and the subsequent ones, is my way of addressing all the mess that media and others put out there about me. It’s my way of fighting back to regain so much of what I lost—but the book goes into details about that.

What purpose are you hoping to accomplish with your book?

I hope to accomplish several things:

  1. First, I really want this book to get into the hands of the scholars that I once worked with. I believe that it’s important to recognize the godly efforts that our youth accomplished in their school. They were so brave and courageous as they took an issue as demonic as racism, and decided to speak out against it with hopes of changing the system.
  2. Secondly, I want to show the public—all my readers—that the things that go on in the public school system are not what they seem. There are so many problems that many dare not speak on because they are too afraid of the professional and social backlash that comes as a result of exposing those phenomena. I’m not just talking about racism, but also issues like sexual exploitation, extortion, and assault—not at the hands of teachers, but by the workings of students. It’s not easy to bring this topic to the light because we run the risk of public humiliation and law enforcement agencies that refuse to believe that such a thing actually occurs. This is a problem. So my purpose in writing the book is to show that not only does it happen, because it happened to me, but it continues to go unchecked and without repercussions. I know that my story and my voice will be added to the stories of others; and within time, I truly believe that God will cause our voices to be heard by the masses. Change is necessary; and to have an injustice of this magnitude go without any proper punishment is to perpetuate a system that is not concerned with equal protection and security for all.

Each chapter in your book starts off with scripture verses; how important is scripture/God’s word in your daily walk?

God’s Word is my life. Whenever I am about to make a decision concerning something important, I always ask the Holy Ghost for help. Whenever I am going through a hard time, the Spirit of the Lord would remind me of a passage of Scripture, which would minister to me immediately. I wanted that aspect to also be within my books because I want people to see that a real relationship with the Lord is not only possible, but obtainable. I speak to Him as much as I speak to anyone else, maybe even more. And it’s through that relationship that He has conveyed to me the things that He desires to do in the earth and through me.

Who is God to you and why do you feel there is importance/emphasis in acknowledging who God is in your life?

To ignore the impact that God has made in my life is to do a disservice to the One I love. Often times, people come to my Lord when they need help. But then as soon as He helps them, they turn their backs on Him and do things their way. That’s such a disrespect. The Lord is not only my Savior, but He’s my Friend, my Confidant, my Teacher, and more. And if I refuse to acknowledge where my help comes from, or from whom I receive wisdom and counsel, then I have essentially stepped into the arena of pride where I start to believe that my own intelligence and personality have brought me success. I refuse to do that to the Lord.

What have you come to understand on the topic of spiritual warfare and how to stand victorious under trial?

I always understood that we do not fight earthly affairs in the natural. Just because someone does something harmful to me, it does not mean that I have the right to retaliate in the natural. Instead, I must combat the spirit that is behind it all. This did not become real to me until I began working as a teacher in the public school back in 2006. For example, many teachers were jealous that a lot of students had connected with me, students that had been physically and emotionally threatening to other educators. They could not see why these same individuals would come to my class on time, adhere to the lessons given, complete the assignments I issued, and succeed in the class. But I knew why they did. It was because I chose to look at these individuals as God saw them. If I did have a problem with these students—most, not all—then all I had to do was handle it in prayer. It was simply a matter of asking the Lord, “What’s going on with this child?” And God would expose their situation. Some of the students had serious trouble at home; many were angry because their mothers were dying of cancer; the list goes on. And once God revealed the root of their problems, I would reach out to them and share that everything was going to be alright. My kids knew me as the teacher whom God talked to all the time because I was not afraid to say to them what the Lord was speaking. And they would confirm it. So for me, I was able to stand up during those difficult times of working with students because I did not handle them in the flesh, but according to the Spirit.

It was a totally different story when I had to deal with the adults and district officials. Rather than handling my hard times with them in prayer, I would give them a glimpse of what my flesh was capable of doing. And it was not pretty. The book goes more into details about that; but as I look back now, I can see that if I had allowed the Holy Ghost to take care of those individuals the same way that He did with my kids, then I believe that some things would have turned out differently. If anything, I want my audience to learn from my success as well as my failure.

What scripture or passage in the bible speaks to you the most?

2 Chronicles 20:20. It teaches us that if we believe in the Lord, then we will be established. If we believe in His prophets, then we will prosper. I’m all about success and prosperity, and this gives me the keys necessary to obtain that.

You have other books in component with “Fear, Faith and Patience; what can share about those books?

My second and third books will come out this July. They are a continuation of what I share in the first book. For the most part, the second text goes into more details about my criminal case that I was confronted with in 2010-2011. I formatted the book in a series of “letters to the Lord” or dairy entries. As I wrote the book, my only thoughts were on the many teachers who are placed in the same predicaments that I was in. All I kept thinking was, “I have got to do something to help other victimized educators receive equal protection under the law and in the schools.” And this book provides multiple accounts of what I did during that time to obtain the justice that I knew I deserved. I don’t know how much it will minister to the masses, but I do know that it will get into the hands of the right people so that real change can occur.

The third book, Bouncing Back, is geared towards Christians. It’s a book that will encourage them to never give up on the Lord; to understand that our trials reveal God’s sovereignty. In fact, that book helps Believers to appreciate rather than hate the trials they go through, because they will produce insurmountable results.

What advice would you give to this generation where injustice ‘seems’ to prevail?

The first thing they have to understand is that God loves justice; that’s why He sent His Son to redeem us from the curse of sin. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, we all fell victim to their punishment, and that was no fault of ours. So what did God do? He provided real justice to us by giving everyone the option to repent of their sins and accept His salvation. Talk about equity! So, this generation has to know that God will always avenge the righteous and their cause.

Secondly, in order to obtain justice, they must first make sure that they exercise truth and justice in their own lives.

And lastly, they can’t fight for justice through violence. They can’t war against spiritual matters in the flesh. They have to rely on the Holy Ghost. If they don’t know Him, then they won’t ever witness the justice that they so strongly desire.

If there is one word you could use to describe yourself right now what would it be?

A servant. That’s the greatest reward for me: to serve the needs of others because Christ served my needs.

Where can we find your books?

Readers can go to or other online book retailers. They can also visit my website at

If there is one excerpt you could share from your book what would that be?

This excerpt is from the book’s Dedication section:

“I want to dedicate this entire book to all those who desire to be grand in this world, and for those who aspire to make a change in our society. The greatest act that we can accomplish in life is not that we become famous and make a name for ourselves. Neither is it having our image in the spotlight. Rather, our greatest moments come to us when we perform one thing: service to mankind. We must understand that looking beyond our own selfish needs and seeking to serve those who have no voice and who have no hope are our greatest feats. Jesus, our great Hope and Savior, said that if any desire to be first in the kingdom, he must be a servant (Mark 9:35). The greatest act of servitude is to love—to show love towards our family, our neighbors, and yes, even our enemies. Our love for others will cause us to do what is necessary to help those in need. This is what makes us great. It should be the desire of our hearts that when we are gone from this earth, our legacy of love towards others remains engraved in society for the next generation to follow. God has given us this authority to love, and we must never neglect such great power. When we recognize, appreciate, and apply this God-given endowment, then and only then will we become change makers and world shakers.”

Thank you so much Felecia for sharing today it has been both a blessing and an honor.

Interview with Author Melanie Dickerson

I love reading historical romance. I love being taken back in time to get a glimpse into the love story of two individuals who are destined to be together against all odds. Romance is amazing but even more so when there is a twist to the story that keeps you turning the page. Finding books such as these are shelf keepers you go back and read over and over again instead of popping in that romantic movie.

Melanie Dickerson has done a more than amazing job in both “The Merchant’s Daughter” and “The Healers Apprentice”; both books were hard to put down. The message of God’s divine love and healing were not lost in either. The love stories in both books carry the reader on a journey knitting you to the characters feeling their joys, heartaches and pains.

I am so honored today to have Melanie Dickerson here sharing more about her work and giving us a little glimpse into her life. I will also be hosting a giveaway of Melanie Dickerson’s books “The Merchant’s Daughter” and “The Healer’s Apprentice”

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GOODREADS DESCRIPTION- An unthinkable danger. An unexpected choice. Annabel, once the daughter of a wealthy merchant, is trapped in indentured servitude to Lord Ranulf, a recluse who is rumored to be both terrifying and beastly. Her circumstances are made even worse by the proximity of Lord Ranulf's bailiff---a revolting man who has made unwelcome advances on Annabel in the past. Believing that life in a nunnery is the best way to escape the escalation of the bailiff's vile behavior and to preserve the faith that sustains her, Annabel is surprised to discover a sense of security and joy in her encounters with Lord Ranulf. As Annabel struggles to confront her feelings, she is involved in a situation that could place Ranulf in grave danger. Ranulf's future, and possibly his heart, may rest in her hands, and Annabel must decide whether to follow the plans she has cherished or the calling God has placed on her heart.


Rose has been appointed as a healer's apprentice at Hagenheim Castle, a rare opportunity for a woodcutter's daughter like her. While she often feels uneasy at the sight of blood, Rose is determined to prove herself capable. Failure will mean returning home to marry the aging bachelor her mother has chosen for her—a bloated, disgusting merchant who makes Rose feel ill.
When Lord Hamlin, the future duke, is injured, it is Rose who must tend to him. As she works to heal his wound, she begins to understand emotions she's never felt before and wonders if he feels the same. But falling in love is forbidden, as Lord Hamlin is betrothed to a mysterious young woman in hiding. As Rose's life spins toward confusion, she must take the first steps on a journey to discover her own destiny.



























Melanie I am so thrilled to have you here.

Melanie Dickerson

What made you want to become a writer?

I enjoyed writing in middle school and high school and wanted to be a novelist. I stopped writing for a while when I went to college and for a few years afterward, but picked it back up after my second daughter was born.

What is your writing process (do you build a synopsis first or do you just begin writing for example)?

I get an idea in my head and then try to flesh it out without writing anything down. Sometimes I get a friend to help me brainstorm, which jumpstarts or restarts my plotting process. I prefer to start writing without any kind of writing synopsis or outline, but I will write a four-page synopsis if I’m sending a proposal to my agent or editor, and then write the story. But I prefer to write the story before the synopsis.

You write what is considered Christian Fiction; who is Christ to you and why do you find it important to relay His message in your work?

Christ is everything to me—my Savior, my best friend, my strength and defender. I’m not sure I could write a book without God in it. I have no desire to. But I don’t exactly plan to put His message in my work. It’s just there, in whatever I write, because He’s part of who I am, and who I am comes out in my honest writing.

You have written two amazing romance novels “The Merchant’s Daughter” and “The Healer’s Apprentice”; what is your inspiration behind writing romance?

God invented romance, and I happen to be fascinated with it. Romance, after all, is a picture of God’s love for us. It’s in the Bible, particularly in Song of Songs, and it’s what I enjoy writing.

The characters in both “The Merchant’s Daughter” and “The Healer’s Apprentice” are remarkably detailed with past and present history forging the reader to feel a part of their struggle, pains, joys and happiness ; how important is character development to you?

Character development and plot are so intertwined, it’s impossible to have one without the other, and hard to say which is more important. They develop together in my head and on the page. And character is what drives the story, and also a major part of what drives the message of the book. So I’d say character development is extremely important.

Will we see any romantic series’ coming from you?

My next two books are sort of a series. The hero of The Fairest Beauty, my Snow White story which comes out in August, is the son of Rose and Wilhelm from The Healer’s Apprentice. And my fourth book, which comes out next March, is a sequel to The Fairest Beauty, with another of Rose and Wilhelm’s sons as the hero.

Will you dabble in any other genre, if so what?

It’s hard to imagine writing anything other than historical romance, but I’d like to write some adult historical romances, instead of only sticking with Young Adult.

What can you tell other writers to encourage them in pursuing their writing goals?

Feel the joy. If God has given you a talent to write, you will enjoy it, and God will give you the perseverance to stick it out until you get published, no matter how long it takes. Rejection is just part of this business, but you can’t let it discourage you. You must never quit or give up. If you don’t persevere and keep trying, you’ll never know how far you could have gone, how much God could do through your writing.

Though you are a known published writer do you still partake in writing contests? If so why?

My publisher enters my books in published author contests like the Christy Awards I think for the marketing benefits. I know one very successful author who doesn’t let her publisher enter her books, because she knows it’s not about getting glory for herself, it’s about God and giving him all the glory. At this point, my publisher is still working on name recognition for me. I’m a long way from bestseller status or being a household name! Still, I believe God should get all the glory!

Where can readers find your books?

Hopefully in their local bookstores, but if not, they can order them from, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and maybe even find them in their local library! I love libraries.

Where can readers find out more about what you are working on?

I make announcements on my Facebook author page, and also on my blog, and I will be updating my website as soon as I get the cover for The Fairest Beauty, which should be any day now.

If you could use one word to describe yourself what would it be?

Dependent. Dependent on God, on his mercy, forgiveness, righteousness and strength.

Out of all the places in the world to relax and pick up your pen and write where would you want to be?

Most of the time, I prefer being at home, but I can write just about anywhere. I think it would be fun to write in a hotel room at the beach, with the windows open, listening to the waves crash against the sand, but only when the temperature is around 70 degrees. I hate the beach in summer!

Do you have a favorite quote? If so what is it?

I love this passage from the Psalms:

We wait in hope for the Lord;

he is our help and our shield.

In him our hearts rejoice,

for we trust in his holy name.
May your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord,

even as we put our hope in you.  Psalm 33:20-22


Thank you so much for being here and allowing others to get to know you and your work a little better.

Thanks so much for having me on your excellent blog, Crystal! It was fun!







Romance in the Making

During the past couple of months I have been working on my inspirational fiction romance novel CHANCES. Here is a little peek into what CHANCES is about.

To take another Chance on love was something that Annie Miller was not willing to do. She had been hurt not by the cheating spouse, or the handsome charmer but by death. Left alone to raise three children (which was becoming more difficult by the day) she felt as though her chances at love had run their course until she met Jesse Mullins. With his charm, handsome looks, incredible talent, confidence and sincerity Annie found herself drawn to Jesse in a way that challenged every safeguard she built around her life protecting her from love. Annie as much as she was closed off to love could not help wondering about the very handsome Jesse Mullins after their meeting.

Jesse was drawn to Annie the minute he saw her. Despite her resistance to his kindness she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. The moment he looked into her eyes he could see all the pain she had been harboring for so long. For some reason beyond his understanding all he wanted to do was to love and protect her. Jesse had endured his own cup of personal loss and understood the pain and heartache Annie had experienced.

Jesse’s kindness only pushed Annie further and further away. Loving Jesse only to lose him would be Annie’s ultimate breakdown.

Interview with Author Lisa Grace

Lisa GraceLisa I am so thrilled to have you here talking about The Angel Series. My readers and I would like to know what is your inspiration behind the series?

Thank you Crystal Kelly for having me here today. When the vampire series that are out there started hitting it big, I, as a Christian, was upset that they were using make-believe monsters to represent evil and putting all the supernatural world in the realm of myth. I believe this is another tool the devil uses to weaken peoples’ faith.

I was on my knees praying, why isn’t someone writing books about the real supernatural world and make it as exciting as they fake ones? That still small voice asked, “If not you, then who?” And that’s why I started writing young adult books that I would’ve enjoyed reading at that age.

Angel in the Shadows is the first book in a series. Is there a reason you chose a female as the main character?

Yes. I wrote book one in the first person. I never physically describe Megan (except to say she has hair long enough to tie back) because I want every young teen to imagine they could be her. I clearly remember the emotions I felt in my high school years. Also, I worked with teens at a dance studio while I was writing the book. It never even dawned on me to write from a male point of view.

What influenced you to pick the names of the angels and demons in the book?

I named the main evil angel, the one you see on the cover of the books, Judas, because he was the great betrayer. He lies. He also goes by three names in the book, because as personifying temptation, he is the rock star of the school, and he can appear to be whatever you want him to be. The teachers see him as the perfect student. The druggies as the best friend/supplier. The Goths as a powerful evil source. He goes by Damon, Jude or Judas, what ever fits his needs at the time. Remember, everything Judas says in my books is only half-true.

For Johnny, I was influenced by the disciple John, who loved Jesus the most. Later, in Book two, you find out Johnny’s angel name.

I use the Hebrew language and meanings to influence quite a few of the tidbits I put in the books. I’d like my books to be used as tools to get teens reading and exploring the truths in the Holy Scripture.

The Angel Series has been called an alternative to the Twilight Series. What are your thoughts on that?

I was very happy when AOL named the angel series the Christian alternative to Twilight back in 2010. That’s exactly the market I’m trying to appeal to. Rather than waiting for a vampire boyfriend to rescue you, and deciding only to live if he saves you, is a terrible message to send to young adults.

In my books Megan knows right and wrong, and every choice she makes has consequences. She loves God, and even though she has a sin nature, her goal is to please God. When she feels God is wanting to do something against her wishes, she doesn’t always choose his way. Like all of us she sometimes rationalizes why her way is okay. Unfortunately, her choices have consequences, just like in real life.

You write with such clarity on matters of spiritual warfare. Have you experienced visions of angels and demons? Do you know anyone who has?

I have my books theologically approved by my spiritual leaders. I know I’ve been given the gift to write these books so some teens will “see” and learn to recognize how the devil can lead us into temptation. If he tried to tempt Christ, his fallen angels will try to destroy us through our weaknesses. No, I don’t see angels or demons, but I know they’re there. Just like I can’t see electricity, but when I flip the switch, I know it’s there and the lights will come on.

I give talks on modern-day angel appearances and have had many trust worthy people tell me of their experiences. On the other side, if people don’t know their Bible, the devil can appear as an angel of light and give people false doctrine. This is why it is so important that everyone learn what the Holy Scriptures say.

I love how you incorporated the message of Christ and the plan of salvation into the series. What are you hoping to accomplish through this series?

I want teens to realize there is a supernatural battle on for their souls. They are either saved or unsaved and there is only one way to get saved. I present this message in a fictional story so it’s not threatening to those who are opposed Christianity.

In post-modernism, which a lot of households practice today, they teach their kids that all religions are myth. These kids will never go to a church, never be read a Bible story, and never be exposed to the Good News. However, a lot of those same parents will allow their kids to read books about the supernatural, like the Twilight Series. Many of these kids have a thirst for the supernatural, because we know deep in their hearts, they know there is a God and they’re searching for Him.

The Lord promises that His word will not return void. All I can do is write the books, make them available, and hope enough saved people care enough to get them out there to the general public.

I have read both Angel in the Shadows, Book 1, and Angel in the Storm, Book 2 both of which I loved. When should we expect Angel in the Ice, Book 3?

Any day now. If your readers sign up as an angel friend on my website they will get a notice as soon as the book is available to order through Amazon. It’s in final edits. I lost two f my most trusted editors this year, so it’s slower going. I don’t want the editing to distract from the story.

Now on to some exciting news. Your series has been optioned to be made into a film. Would you tell us how this came about and would you offer some advice on how others can go this route?

It was a matter if timing. Angel in the Shadows, Book 1 hit #1 on the Amazon Teen Horror Bestseller list back in mid August 2011. I was eventually bumped from the number one spot by a book that was being made into a film, The Woman In Black.

Movie trailers advertising the film were shown in the side bar of the list and since the film was starring Daniel Radcliffe (AKA Harry Potter) my books were noticed by a couple of movie producers.

In the end I signed with Motion Picture Pro Studios. It is being fast-tracked into preproduction and their will be a press release announcing the deal soon.

My best advice is write a book you love, get it edited. Pick out a great cover and blurb. If your book gets on a bestseller list, you do have a chance of a movie producer wanting your book for a project. No matter what keep writing. It takes most novelists at least five to seven books before they hit their stride. I’ve written five books and contributed to two more, so I’m still getting started.

Where can readers find your books?

My series is currently available on Amazon, but I’m looking to sign a paperback deal so they are available everywhere.

Angel in the Shadows:

Angel in the Storm:

Angel in the Ice, Book 3 available soon

Where can we find the latest film and book updates?

Your readers can sign up to be on my angel friend list at where they can find the latest book and movie news. Thanks for having me on, Crystal Kelly, God bless.

Thank you Lisa Grace. It has been an honor.

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