Lisa GraceLisa I am so thrilled to have you here talking about The Angel Series. My readers and I would like to know what is your inspiration behind the series?

Thank you Crystal Kelly for having me here today. When the vampire series that are out there started hitting it big, I, as a Christian, was upset that they were using make-believe monsters to represent evil and putting all the supernatural world in the realm of myth. I believe this is another tool the devil uses to weaken peoples’ faith.

I was on my knees praying, why isn’t someone writing books about the real supernatural world and make it as exciting as they fake ones? That still small voice asked, “If not you, then who?” And that’s why I started writing young adult books that I would’ve enjoyed reading at that age.

Angel in the Shadows is the first book in a series. Is there a reason you chose a female as the main character?

Yes. I wrote book one in the first person. I never physically describe Megan (except to say she has hair long enough to tie back) because I want every young teen to imagine they could be her. I clearly remember the emotions I felt in my high school years. Also, I worked with teens at a dance studio while I was writing the book. It never even dawned on me to write from a male point of view.

What influenced you to pick the names of the angels and demons in the book?

I named the main evil angel, the one you see on the cover of the books, Judas, because he was the great betrayer. He lies. He also goes by three names in the book, because as personifying temptation, he is the rock star of the school, and he can appear to be whatever you want him to be. The teachers see him as the perfect student. The druggies as the best friend/supplier. The Goths as a powerful evil source. He goes by Damon, Jude or Judas, what ever fits his needs at the time. Remember, everything Judas says in my books is only half-true.

For Johnny, I was influenced by the disciple John, who loved Jesus the most. Later, in Book two, you find out Johnny’s angel name.

I use the Hebrew language and meanings to influence quite a few of the tidbits I put in the books. I’d like my books to be used as tools to get teens reading and exploring the truths in the Holy Scripture.

The Angel Series has been called an alternative to the Twilight Series. What are your thoughts on that?

I was very happy when AOL named the angel series the Christian alternative to Twilight back in 2010. That’s exactly the market I’m trying to appeal to. Rather than waiting for a vampire boyfriend to rescue you, and deciding only to live if he saves you, is a terrible message to send to young adults.

In my books Megan knows right and wrong, and every choice she makes has consequences. She loves God, and even though she has a sin nature, her goal is to please God. When she feels God is wanting to do something against her wishes, she doesn’t always choose his way. Like all of us she sometimes rationalizes why her way is okay. Unfortunately, her choices have consequences, just like in real life.

You write with such clarity on matters of spiritual warfare. Have you experienced visions of angels and demons? Do you know anyone who has?

I have my books theologically approved by my spiritual leaders. I know I’ve been given the gift to write these books so some teens will “see” and learn to recognize how the devil can lead us into temptation. If he tried to tempt Christ, his fallen angels will try to destroy us through our weaknesses. No, I don’t see angels or demons, but I know they’re there. Just like I can’t see electricity, but when I flip the switch, I know it’s there and the lights will come on.

I give talks on modern-day angel appearances and have had many trust worthy people tell me of their experiences. On the other side, if people don’t know their Bible, the devil can appear as an angel of light and give people false doctrine. This is why it is so important that everyone learn what the Holy Scriptures say.

I love how you incorporated the message of Christ and the plan of salvation into the series. What are you hoping to accomplish through this series?

I want teens to realize there is a supernatural battle on for their souls. They are either saved or unsaved and there is only one way to get saved. I present this message in a fictional story so it’s not threatening to those who are opposed Christianity.

In post-modernism, which a lot of households practice today, they teach their kids that all religions are myth. These kids will never go to a church, never be read a Bible story, and never be exposed to the Good News. However, a lot of those same parents will allow their kids to read books about the supernatural, like the Twilight Series. Many of these kids have a thirst for the supernatural, because we know deep in their hearts, they know there is a God and they’re searching for Him.

The Lord promises that His word will not return void. All I can do is write the books, make them available, and hope enough saved people care enough to get them out there to the general public.

I have read both Angel in the Shadows, Book 1, and Angel in the Storm, Book 2 both of which I loved. When should we expect Angel in the Ice, Book 3?

Any day now. If your readers sign up as an angel friend on my website they will get a notice as soon as the book is available to order through Amazon. It’s in final edits. I lost two f my most trusted editors this year, so it’s slower going. I don’t want the editing to distract from the story.

Now on to some exciting news. Your series has been optioned to be made into a film. Would you tell us how this came about and would you offer some advice on how others can go this route?

It was a matter if timing. Angel in the Shadows, Book 1 hit #1 on the Amazon Teen Horror Bestseller list back in mid August 2011. I was eventually bumped from the number one spot by a book that was being made into a film, The Woman In Black.

Movie trailers advertising the film were shown in the side bar of the list and since the film was starring Daniel Radcliffe (AKA Harry Potter) my books were noticed by a couple of movie producers.

In the end I signed with Motion Picture Pro Studios. It is being fast-tracked into preproduction and their will be a press release announcing the deal soon.

My best advice is write a book you love, get it edited. Pick out a great cover and blurb. If your book gets on a bestseller list, you do have a chance of a movie producer wanting your book for a project. No matter what keep writing. It takes most novelists at least five to seven books before they hit their stride. I’ve written five books and contributed to two more, so I’m still getting started.

Where can readers find your books?

My series is currently available on Amazon, but I’m looking to sign a paperback deal so they are available everywhere.

Angel in the Shadows:

Angel in the Storm:

Angel in the Ice, Book 3 available soon

Where can we find the latest film and book updates?

Your readers can sign up to be on my angel friend list at where they can find the latest book and movie news. Thanks for having me on, Crystal Kelly, God bless.

Thank you Lisa Grace. It has been an honor.

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