During the past couple of months I have been working on my inspirational fiction romance novel CHANCES. Here is a little peek into what CHANCES is about.

To take another Chance on love was something that Annie Miller was not willing to do. She had been hurt not by the cheating spouse, or the handsome charmer but by death. Left alone to raise three children (which was becoming more difficult by the day) she felt as though her chances at love had run their course until she met Jesse Mullins. With his charm, handsome looks, incredible talent, confidence and sincerity Annie found herself drawn to Jesse in a way that challenged every safeguard she built around her life protecting her from love. Annie as much as she was closed off to love could not help wondering about the very handsome Jesse Mullins after their meeting.

Jesse was drawn to Annie the minute he saw her. Despite her resistance to his kindness she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. The moment he looked into her eyes he could see all the pain she had been harboring for so long. For some reason beyond his understanding all he wanted to do was to love and protect her. Jesse had endured his own cup of personal loss and understood the pain and heartache Annie had experienced.

Jesse’s kindness only pushed Annie further and further away. Loving Jesse only to lose him would be Annie’s ultimate breakdown.