I love christian authors. We all share the same 2 loves…writing and making the center of our work focused on Christ. As a debuting author myself getting ready to release my own novel I find it hard not to support and highlight others who have been where I am and who are where I plan to go. Today I will be introducing you to debuting author Vanessa Sisson. I came to know Vanessa through one of our social medias. She is so sweet and humble. The love of God flows through every word she sets forth. I am not only thrilled to highlight her today, I am honored.

Vanessa Sisson has just released her debut novella a contemporary romance entitled, “The Clash of the Bridesmaids”. So please join with me in welcoming debuting author Vanessa Sisson to our blog today.

Vanessa Sisson
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Vanessa Sisson resides in Texas, with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. She writes for Fashion Passion Faith Books, her own publishing company. Vanessa also manages a weekly blog, in which she interviews and promotes Christian authors. She is also an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers.

She believes her novellas are much the same as listening in on the intimate conversations of modern Christian women. And has a heart for bringing relatable fiction to the table. While each novella is full of real life, the joys of finding love, and the heart ache it comes with at times; the underlying message is still the same. The need for Him and the sweet whispers of our Savior are sprinkled throughout the pages.

Most of her books are set in a fictitious town called Marvel, Texas. It’s actually inspired by her hometown Navasota, Texas.











This isn’t our first rodeo. Well, dress hunting session. We’d been to Stockton more than a few times, and searched high and low on the internet. No such luck.

“Oh, I hate this dress!” Amanda whines from inside the dressing room.

She tried on ten different dresses before this one, and they were all just as hideous, according to her. I thought she looked beautiful in every one of them, but my opinion doesn’t matter.  I return my attention back to the article in a women’s magazine, hoping the meltdown will be short lived. Not a chance.

Amanda Cates storms out with the gown sleeves falling off her shoulders. Her usually tanned face burns red, and her bottom lip quivers. I need to pull her together and fast, before she gets us thrown out. Becky had shown tons of patience with her, but I can tell it’s running out.

Becky sighs heavily, and smooths back her puffy, bleached hair. “Is there anything else you want me to get for you, sweetie?”

I glance over at Amanda, hopeful that she will say no and just call it a day.

“Hmmm…I know what I want.  Y’all don’t stock couture dresses?” She rolls her eyes at Becky. Poor lady.

“No, but maybe you could find a pattern or something and hire Gayle. I heard she makes nice dresses.” I’m not sure Miss Becky knows the meaning of couture.

“Find a pattern? Are you kidding?” Amanda marches off to the dressing room and mumbles every step of the way.

“I’m so sorry.” I grit my teeth. My cheeks feel flushed. If only there was a rock I could hide under. Oh, I don’t know for the rest of my life.

“Oh, don’t you worry little Natalie Griffin; you’re just as precious as you can be.” Her thin pink lips turn upward, and she pats me on the shoulder. It seems she sympathizes with me. It’s nice, but it won’t help. Unless she is willing to knock Amanda out, and toss her in my trunk, there is no help necessary. I chuckle, and quickly rebuke myself for such salty thoughts.

“Nat! I can’t unzip the dress. Hello, help!” She growls from somewhere in the back of the store.

“Excuse me, Becky.” I quickly head to the dressing room to see the crisis my best friend is in this time. Everything has always been a crisis for her.

Her hair is a mess, make-up dribbles down her forehead, since it’s warm in the store, and the dress is stuck under the chest area. It’s a sight! I muffle a giggle.

I don’t know why she doesn’t remember to unzip the dress before trying to take it off. Did the hustle and bustle of being a bride-to-be cause slight memory loss? Does the gal even use common sense lately?

“Hey, let me take you for lunch at Jane’s Burger House. We can split a burger and fries?” I lick my lips when I think about a juicy cheeseburger all the way with jalapenos, my stomach growls in protest. It’s just what I need after a day like this.

“Oh my goodness, Are you my best friend? Are you my maid of honor?” She is being over-the-top-dramatic.

“Um yes but––”

“Then why are you trying to make me fat?” She shrieks, and throws her arms up in the air. She laments loudly. “Ouiser, you are a pig from…” She starts.

I give her my look. And she stops mid-sentence.

She slips on a flowing, romantic blouse. Fat? I’m staring at her ribcage. She probably weighs one hundred and fifteen pounds, and that’s being generous. The girl is skinny. There are times when I want to shake her around and say “snap out of it.” But, as usual, I just take it. I never say a word. That’s what friends are for and all that.

That’s our relationship, and has been for as long as I can remember. Amanda says it and that settles it. I pretty much go along with whatever for the sake of avoiding confrontation. It’s not worth it. She would get all rowdy and I would remain calm. Then after a couple of minutes she would cool down and it was like nothing happened. Why go there?