I enjoy poetry but not the complexities of it. I enjoy a beautiful piece without trying to figure out what is being said. The collections of poems and stories presented in UNTIL TODAY were well written in a tone without complexity. This made for an easy, intrigued and interesting read. There are times when I enjoy a great story so much so that I wish it would never end. This was the treat I received when reading Jerry White’s UNTIL TODAY.

The poems and collections of short stories were faith building blocks that flowed into a continuation of inspiration, motivation and self-realization. The profound messages in this book speak to the depths of one’s inner being. Jerry White exposes his heart and mind allowing the reader to journey with him in his exploration of ‘life as he knows it’. UNTIL TODAY is a must add to any poetry collection. Jerry White has introduced to me a style of originality in the area of faith building Poetry. His work is phenomenal and will leave you in wait for another book in his collection.

So please join me in welcoming Jerry White today!!!

Jerry White


Tell us a little about yourself? 

I am married to someone I met in the second grade. We have known each other, now, longer than anyone else has known either of us our entire lives. We have a family of five children and 10 grandchildren. We have worked hard at being together and having a spiritually based family with deep relationships with each other as adults. That is great to see now from the north side of 60.

What events led to you becoming a writer? 

My writing began in high school. I wanted to be the shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles or the person who wrote about the shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles. I never played for the Orioles, or any other professional team, but I did become a lover of the written word. I kept a journal in high school of everyone’s weekend, or any other time’s, exploits in life. It was the original manuscript to American Graffiti, or whatever I would have named it. However, while away serving our country in the military my mom, bless her soul, threw it away with all my baseball cards and, for some reason still unknown, my high school annuals. I have been writing ever since. My youngest son is a musician of high caliber and I used to drill into him that if he wanted to play he had to play because players play and writers write. I still believe that and would give that advice to any and all aspiring writers…or players.

You write using short stories and poetry with Christian foundations; Who is Christ to you and why do you find it important to relay His message in your work?  

The use of my short stories in conjunction to my poetry is simply to give the background to a particular thought which brought the actual poem to life in me. Inspiration is the ugly sister to frustration as any writer will tell you but it is, to me, important to give the inspiration as well as the work completed. To the second part of you question Christ to me is my closest friend, my savior, my inspiration to all I do. That is why I feel compelled to share his words to me with others, his thoughts given me with others, his life saving sacrifice to others. He guides me along the path of righteousness and away from the tempter, with his spirit, he guards me against apostasy and falling away with his spirit, and he directs my actions to be those most beneficial to building His kingdom with his spirit. What is there not to share with others?

What inspired you to write this book?  

Until Today: Stories and Poems on Life as I Know It is a continuation of what has been 30 plus years of writing. I now have two collections of this work out in the world through Until Today and my first book Moments of Mine: A Collection of Thoughts in Poem. God has blessed me with words and I have, in the last 3 to five years, tried to share them with others. It has been my therapy and now I am sharing my thoughts with others.

What do you want your readers to take away from this book? 

My hope is that readers will find some solace in my words. My hope is that they will know that their experience is not unique to them, that they are not alone in their efforts, their joy, their humiliation, their frustration. We are all connected by what God has blessed us to take part in and experience.

Will you dabble in other writing styles? 

Most of my poetry rhymes and is, consequently, not taken in this time as serious poetry. I, of course, disagree. I think most people who enjoy the lyrics to a song enjoy the rhythmic nature of the words and would be disturbed if they had to interpret the meaning of each line of thought the writer had. However, I have, over the past couple of years, used other forms, like blank verse for example, which uses many poetic techniques to express the nature of the thought. I am finding it very flexible and I am getting used to it. I am finding my way along new roads now. I also, as you can tell in my books, like to tell short stories of events that express the same thoughts as my poems. After all, that is where they started.

What can you tell other writers to encourage them in pursuing their writing goals?

If you want your words to be read by others…you have to write them down.

Though you are a known published writer do you still partake in writing contests? If so why?

I don’t pursue contests as I used to do. I have found them frustrating that people who do not write are the ones who determine which piece wins the contest. I have chosen to no longer pursue contests.

Where can readers find your books?

My website at www.jmwhitebooks.com lists where you can purchase each of my books. Since only around 30% of all books published can find their way to the book shelves of book stores, it is easier to find them at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or my publisher’s website.

Where can readers find out more about what you are working on?

I do list projects that I am involved with on my website under, you guessed it, projects. I am a regular contributor to a couple of monthly publications and anything else I can busy myself with.

If you could use one word to describe yourself what would it be?


Out of all the places in the world to relax and pick up your pen and write where would you want to be?

My favorite place is near the ocean. The sound of the breeze blowing and the waves crashing to the beach are just God’s best ambient sounds to me. I, as does my wife, like the ocean.